Commissioning and start-up of modern infrastructure and systems is a major undertaking that needs to be completed by a team of professionals that understand the value of a well-organized, properly-scheduled and precisely-executed commissioning & start-up plan. This ensures that the installed systems meet the functional and performance requirements of the client.

Commissioning Expertise:
Reduce start-up delays and reworkPrevent equipment damage  
Control cost overrunsProvide adequate performance baselining
Increase man-power productivityAvert significant re-work
Mitigate logistical concernsAllow equipment and instrument tagging to be organized efficiently and properly           
Avoid enactment of contractual penalty clauses due to delaysStreamline tracking of work package and system turn-over progress

The Ready Method: Meeting Your Commissioning Needs

Our method uses a stringent process to plan and execute the commissioning and start-up of a system that incorporates broad, proven methodologies which are specifically tailored to the unique concerns and pressures of the instrument, electrical, and DCS environments.

The Ready Method is aimed at providing a structured path forward through the commissioning & start-up process with the end goal of ensuring a safe and timely start-up of the facility. This translates into cost savings through proper planning, both through the initial start-up, and subsequent maintenance turnarounds and start-ups.

Our documentation allows the same process, in part or full, to be followed over and over again.

Our team leader will assess your commissioning & start-up needs, put together a hand-picked team of experts and then implement and execute an appropriate commissioning & start-up plan.

We will handle all aspects of Factory Acceptance Testing, document control, generation of turnover packages, baseline equipment performance, punch-listing, safety compliance, I/O ring-out and system turnover to operation and document migration to maintenance.

We work with all vendors to develop a single commissioning or start-up package and schedule for the customer. Each commissioning plan is tailored to your specific needs and particular situation. We supervise commissioning & start-up activities, track progress and work with operations to ensure a smooth start-up and transfer of control. The final documentation package details all commissioning & start-up procedures and test results for the future reference of the maintenance personnel.

Commissioning & Start-up Experience

Ready Engineering has experience commissioning instrument & electrical systems in mining processes, materials handling facilities, petrochemical plants, power generating facilities, refineries, tank farms, smelting operations, fish hatcheries, sewage and water treatment plants, and oil and gas production units.

Our worldwide experience has taken us from the areas surrounding our headquarters in Alberta, to the rest of Canada and the United States and on to Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. 

Please contact us to discuss how we might contribute to the success of your project!

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