Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems

Competent system integration is the key factor determining whether your carefully chosen technology platform will be a success or a disappointment.

Come to Ready for its utility-grade DCS experts; use Ready for everything from the most sophisticated DCS to the simplest RTU in your facility and all the networking in between. Ready has the industry experience and innovative ideas to get the most value out of your time and investment.

Our expertise covers most utility-grade DCS, mid-market DCS/hybrid systems, and PLC platforms used in process-intensive industries ranging from energy and utilities to forestry and agri-food. Combining this specialized expertise with Ready’s Industrial Information Systems knowledge results in a cohesive end product that operates smoothly and seamlessly.

Our industry expertise includes:

  • Online control system upgrades.
  • DCS, HMI, and PLC upgrades and migrations.
  • Executing and commissioning plant-wide control system replacement projects.
  • Integration of third-party applications and controls into existing plant systems.
  • Large control and HMI projects involving thousands of nodes.
  • Advanced DCS, PLC, and HMI programming and architecture.

Please contact us to discuss how we might contribute to the success of your project!

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Manager, Control Systems
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Vice President
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