Generator Reliability

Generator Reliability

Is your facility due for WECC Generator Testing? Do you need NERC generator model testing and validation? Ready Engineering provides specialized knowledge and expertise to generation clients wanting to maintain and improve their generator protection, auxiliaries, and excitation governor control systems.

We assist clients with evaluating and coordinating generator protection and control functions, developing generator protection schemes, completing generator protection relay replacements, and meeting regional and North American reliability standards. Ready has also supported several generator interconnection projects and has worked with various utility standards and regulations for Distribution Generation (DG) applications to design protection schemes that meet utilities’ requirements.

Ready Engineering can provide WECC and NERC testing and model validation of generators.  Ready uses PowerWorld Simulator ( for modeling generator, exciter, governor, and power system stabilizer control systems. For more information regarding our NERC abilities...

Ready engineers contribute to the industry as members of the Western Interconnection Compliance Forum, ( and the North American Generator Forum (, and participate on NERC standards review teams.


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