NERC MOD Testing

NERC MOD Testing

Which NERC MOD testing standards are required for my generation facility? Is my generator MOD-026 and MOD-027 compliant? Ready Engineering can help you answer these types of questions and address your facility's central concerns to comply with NERC's MOD standards.

Ready Engineering works with generator owners and operators across North America to assess compliance with NERC standards related to generator protection, control, and maintenance of system models. The specific standards that Ready can provide specialized consulting services for include:

MOD (Modeling, Data, and Analysis) Standards
MOD-025-2Verification and Data Reporting of Generator Real and Reactive Power Capability and Synchronous Condenser Reactive Power Capability
MOD-026-1Verification of Models and Data for Generator Excitation Control System or Plant Volt/Var Control Functions
MOD-027-1Verification of Models and Data for Turbine/Governor and Load Control or Active Power/Frequency Control Functions

Depending on the specific NERC MOD standard and client needs, Ready Engineering can complete the following tasks:

  1. Collect protective relay data.
  2. Assist in gathering necessary model data from third parties.
  3. Evaluate and coordinate existing protection settings to provide system protection and be compliant with relevant NERC standards.
  4. Develop and execute test procedures to measure generator and control system response to verify control system operation, operation of protection devices, and to determine equipment and control system model parameters.
  5. Verify generator, excitation system, power system stabilizer, and governor control models against test data.
  6. Document MOD test results and model verifications to meet NERC standard requirements.

Ready Engineering uses PowerWorld Simulator ( for modeling generator, exciter, governor, and power system stabilizer control systems. Ready Engineering is able to perform the necessary generator testing and modeling of the generator and its control systems, and compare model and test data to meet NERC standard requirements and verify proper system operation.

Ready Engineering's engineers contribute to the industry as members of the Western Interconnection Compliance Forum, ( and the North American Generator Forum (, and participate on NERC standards review teams.

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