Revision Control Software

Revision Control Software

AutoSave is an industry leading software solution that dramatically increases efficiency in industrial operations by allowing you to create secure, well-documented and controlled environments for maintaining and tracking your industrial software and documentation.

As one of the first certified integrators of MDT Software's AutoSave™, Ready Engineering has been implementing this enterprise source management solution to help control, protect, restore, and track changes to industrial programmable devices, including PLC, HMI, DCS, and transmitter configurations—both online and offline—as well as the associated documentation.

Protected Version Control, library management, and centralized program and document storage.
Automated archiving of device program and document copies.
Detailed revision detection, documentation, and history as well as audit trails.
Seamless integration into programming application software.
Protection guarding against accidental access to a device through secured users and workstations.
Rapid disaster recovery via a centralized, backed-up database.
Automatic Change Notification via e-mail.

This provides a secure, well documented, and controlled environment, dramatically reducing safety concerns, downtime, coordination issues, wasted effort, and administration costs.

What can AutoSave do for you? 

Automatic archiving of current and past program revisions, stored in a compressed format in a secure location.
Individually configured access levels for multiple users on the network.
E-mail notifications when user changes occur.
Automatic audit trail generation corresponding with the nature of changes made.
Automatic comparison of program currently running on PLC to a stored version.
Identification of programs that have a high frequency of change.
Restricting access for changing or downloading programs.