From the oil sands of Alberta and the gas fields of BC to the orchards of California, Ready’s electrical engineering expertise is tailored for industrial facilities and major utilities. Ready focuses on the projects that EPCM firms cannot handle effectively. Ready is dedicated to meeting your needs with responsive service and quality engineering; we want your project to be successful.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Ready’s electrical engineering group offers a complete array of electrical engineering services, from state-of-the-art utility generator protection systems to standard greenfield and brownfield power distribution, lighting, fire and gas detection, and heat tracing designs. While much of Ready’s electrical work is for customers of our Calgary, Lethbridge, and US offices, maintaining our core expertise in the Edmonton area is the key to our long term, stable group of professionals.

Work Packages that Save Time and Money

Our customers in Fort McMurray, Alberta know just how expensive it is to construct sophisticated facilities in remote locations. All of Ready's construction work packages are designed with extra detail where required and an emphasis on quality control to save our customers time and money in the field. Ready takes great pride in its design work and we ensure the full effectiveness of our effort by producing exceptional construction work packages that minimize contractor questions, errors, delays, and extras.

Modeling and Studies

An accurate picture of the power system is often the first step in any major industrial power distribution project. With hands-on field investigations to acquire the data and industry-leading software like ETAP, we model industrial power distribution systems and use the results to design expansions and enhancements, and solve problems.

First Principles Engineering

Who specifies the motors, the mechanical or the electrical engineer? Ready expertise goes beyond pure electrical engineering with electro-mechanical engineers that understand the relationship between the power distribution system, the motor starting method, the motor itself, and the driven equipment. VFD, fluid coupling, or soft starter? Making the correct choice is the difference between brown out, break down, and carefree operation.

For all industrial facilities, from power plants to pipelines, agrifoods to fossil fuels, chemicals to composting, and whether for specialized expertise overseas or local service from Lethbridge, Alberta to Fort Nelson, BC, Ready has the electrical engineering professionals to make your project perform. For detailed information, please refer to our Electrical Engineering brochure.

Please contact us to discuss how we might contribute to the success of your project!

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