CoalFusion™ is a fully automated coal blending system that optimizes the fuel you send to your power plant.


Blend from an unlimited number of coal yard feeders to an unlimited number of boiler blend specifications, while minimizing the cost of your fuel. With advanced process control algorithms, CoalFusion™ increases your plant profitability by delivering the right fuel blend at the right time, all the time.

CoalFusion™ is configurable for any plant and can be quickly reconfigured for physical plant modifications and additions. CoalFusion™ vastly increases the value of the online analyzers used in mines and power plants.

With CoalFusion™ you can:

  • Optimize plant fuel usage, controlling coal quality.
  • Maximize fuel efficiency in response to forecasted generation needs.
  • Minimize coal quality events, reducing fouling, slagging and reduce emission exceedance occurrences.
  • Dynamically change blends to meet changing fuel requirements.
  • Improve boiler performance and blend consistency.
  • Manage stockpiles.