NERC Compliance

Wind turbines

NERC MOD Testing

Ready Engineering works with generator owners and operators across North America to assess compliance with NERC standards related to generator protection, control, and maintenance of system models.

The specific MOD (modeling, data, and analysis) standards that Ready can provide specialized consulting services for include:

  • MOD-025-2
    Ensure that accurate information on generator gross and net Real and Reactive Power capability and synchronous condenser Reactive Power capability is available for planning models used to assess Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability.
  • MOD-026-1
    Verify that the generator excitation control system or plant volt/var control function1 model (including the power system stabilizer model and the impedance compensator model) and the model parameters used in dynamic simulations accurately represent the generator excitation control system or plant volt/var control function behavior when assessing Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability.
  • MOD-027-1
    Verify that the turbine/governor and load control or active power/frequency control1 model and the model parameters, used in dynamic simulations that assess Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability, accurately represent generator unit real power response to system frequency variations.
  • MOD-032-1
    Establish consistent modeling data requirements and reporting procedures for development of planning horizon cases necessary to support analysis of the reliability of the interconnected transmission system.
  • MOD-033-1
    Establish consistent validation requirements to facilitate the collection of accurate data and building of planning models to analyze the reliability of the interconnected transmission system.

Ready Engineering’s engineers contribute to the industry as members of the Western Interconnection Compliance Forum, ( and the North American Generator Forum (, and participate on NERC standards review teams.

PRC Studies

Ready Engineering can address your facility’s central concerns to comply with NERC’s PRC standards.

The specific PRC (protection and control) standards that Ready can provide specialized consulting services for include:

  • PRC-019-2
    Verify coordination of generating unit Facility or synchronous condenser voltage regulating controls, limit functions, equipment capabilities and Protection System settings.
  • PRC-023-4
    Protective relay settings shall not limit transmission loadability; not interfere with system operators’ ability to take remedial action to protect system reliability and; be set to reliably detect all fault conditions and protect the electrical network from these faults.
  • PRC-024-2
    Ensure Generator Owners set their generator protective relays such that generating units remain connected during defined frequency and voltage excursions.
  • PRC-025-2
    Set load-responsive protective relays associated with generation Facilities at a level to prevent unnecessary tripping of generators during a system disturbance for conditions that do not pose a risk of damage to the associated equipment.
  • PRC-026-1
    Ensure that load-responsive protective relays are expected to not trip in response to stable power swings during non-Fault conditions.
  • PRC-027-1
    Maintain the coordination of Protection Systems installed to detect and isolate Faults on Bulk Electric System (BES) Elements, such that those Protection Systems operate in the intended sequence during Faults