Combustion Turbines

Combustion turbine

We provide customers with responsive compressor turbine DCS support. With offices in both Canada and the US, we support projects throughout North America and worldwide.

We do more than DCS configuration support. Ready engineers have DCS, industrial control system, and process expertise that enables them to take ownership of our customer’s problems, propose elegant and efficient solutions, and implement them.

Our industry expertise includes:

  • DCS commissioning coordination and support for compressor turbine start up.
  • Customized DCS training.
  • AGC (Automatic Generation Control) Interfacing.
  • Frequency biasing logic.
  • 3rd party connectivity.
  • Fuel blending logic.
  • Historian installation, configuration, and corresponding historical reports.
  • Control system upgrades and audits.
  • Gas custody transfer audit reports.
  • Plant performance calculations.
  • Continuous emissions monitoring integration.