Ready has been providing niche engineering consulting expertise in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Ready consistently adds value by being interested in the overall success of the clients’ complete projects — not just our discipline or scope of work.

Our core services include:

  • Front-end engineering design.
  • Detailed engineering design.
  • Electrical system design and review.
  • Power system studies and analysis including short-circuit, arc-flash and ground grid.
  • Instrumentation and control systems design and implementation.
  • Remote location communication and networking.
  • Commissioning and factory acceptance testing including PLC/SCADA/HMI and feeder protection relays.
  • Project management and coordination services.
  • Onsite construction, start-up and turnover services.

Ready works with the client to understand central concerns and needs. This usually boils down to speed and reliability (getting miners online and available to run 24/7). These needs can lead to hasty decisions which unnecessarily bloat capital, construction and maintenance costs. We recognize that the core value we provide to our clients’ in this industry is to lead and drive the technical and planning aspects of projects from start to finish, to achieve aggressive launch targets and keep costs in control.

Ready understands the unique technical challenges facing cryptocurrency mining facilities with a wealth of experience witnessing various attempts to solves such challenges — we know what works and what does not work. These challenges typically include high fault currents (when connected to large substations), high arc-flash risks, load shedding programs for power rate reduction, reliability and back-up power, server air-flow, server protection from harsh climates, etc. We have proven solutions to these challenges.