Who We Are

Ready Engineering
Ready Technologies, Inc.

Ready Engineering was born out of an aspiration to provide unparalleled and comprehensive solutions, alongside uncompromising customer service that goes above and beyond any client’s expectations.

Ready is a business-focused engineering firm established in Spruce Grove, Alberta in 1996 by Lee and Susan Ready. We originally provided services to the utility power plants west of Edmonton. Today, we serve clients from offices across North America in industries that include bio-fuels, chemicals and fibers, mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, special waste management, and nuclear, fossil, and green power generation. Ready meets its customers’ concerns in projects such as power system designs, control system installations and upgrades, software verification and validation, design, commissioning, start-up support, and more.

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At Ready, we believe you should expect more from your engineering provider.

Our dedication to rising above expectations is a philosophy that applies not just to our clients, but our employees as well. As an industry leader in personnel training and development, Ready Engineering has established a proud culture of excellence that inspires both employees and clients to get the most out of their experience. As a result, Ready Engineering has an exceptionally low personnel turnover rate–less than five percent–and one of the highest repeat customer rates–about 95 percent.

With our expanding wealth of human capital, we don’t intend to just stay ahead of the curve; we are striving to define the curve!

Our Awards

Ready has won awards for both its specialized engineering services and its business performance.

PSMJ Resources, Inc. - Circle of Excellence Platinum Member
PSMJ Resources, Inc. - Circle of Excellence
Consulting Engineers of Alberta
The Alberta Business Awards of Distinction
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Our Publications

Ready has been published in multiple periodicals and presented several case studies for work we have performed. Please feel free to download any of our publications below.