Hydro Power

Hydroelectric dam

Ready’s expertise in the Hydro Power Generation industry ranges from large facility system optimization to small facility green field design.

Hydroelectric facility support requires a diverse skill set from medium voltage power distribution, power system analysis and relay protection, to digital control and communication.

Ready brings our proven track record for project management, execution, and power & automation understanding to the hydro power generation industry. Our expertise allows our clients to operate and maintain their facilities, improving safety and reliability.

An example of the comprehensive electrical and controls solutions that we can offer to our clients includes:

  • Design and Commissioning
    • Auxiliary system design and field services for large unit generation (larger than 500MW) including detailed design and commissioning support of medium voltage distribution.
    • Design support and construction co-ordination for small plant (less than 100kW) projects.
  • Support Systems
    • Station service and control upgrades including power quality survey and unit cooling water control optimization.
    • Control system upgrades including integration of protection relays into existing medium size facilities (10MW).
    • Telecommunication system designs for hydro power stations, including specifications for high voltage service entrances.
  • Failure Analysis
    • Transformer failure investigation, and specification for generation step-up transformers.