Nuclear Power

Nuclear power plant

Ready’s experience ranges from repowering of the largest nuclear facility in North America (and second largest in the world) to construction of the world’s first Generation III+ reactors. With nuclear projects in Europe, North America, and Asia, Ready Engineering has proven its ability to provide resources and solutions to our customers worldwide.

Ready’s specialty is effective management, coordination, and project execution of the control, safety, and electrical systems in nuclear power plants. Ready is experienced in nuclear modernization projects ranging from complete nuclear control and nuclear safety system replacements with 20,000-plus field terminations to small, individual subsystems.

The Award-winning Ready team has extensive exposure to the application of domestic and multinational codes, laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to nuclear facilities. Ready provides highly-qualified resources focused on solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Our industry expertise includes:

  • Nuclear controls commissioning, training, verification and validation, and replicas.
  • Commissioning of an Ovation DCS.
  • Modernization of Westinghouse WDPF controls.
  • Independent hardware design verification.
  • Any other aspect of the control and safety systems in your nuclear power plant.