Data Analytics

Ready Engineering possesses the analytics expertise to help you grow your business in the Industrial Internet of Things era.

We define analytics as the technologies and applications, along with the people and processes, that enable organizations to transform their data into actionable insights that are key to making better decisions at work.

Our services include:

  • Leveraging “real-time” data sources.
    Your industrial facilities have an enormous influx of data that arrives in real-time. Obtaining meaningful information from that data requires analytics that can quickly extract insights and process them for you.
  • Bringing together multiple data sources.
    As many more data sources across and outside your facilities become available, your organization requires analytics that can integrate data from a variety of sources.
  • Developing predictive and prescriptive models.
    The proper analysis of data transforms your organization’s role from reacting to historical events and outcomes to taking predictive, proactive stances.
  • Building flexible solutions.
    Ready offers custom analytics applications and tools with flexible capabilities to help you recognize and respond to changes in your industry.
    Increasing automation. Ready’s analytics solutions provides not only the information to make better decisions, but also the capability to make automated decisions once the data is analyzed.
  • Supporting the high-level identification of business opportunities.
    Through analytics, Ready provides the support you need to facilitate the innovation process and help your team recognize and develop business opportunities.
  • Training in data analytics.
    We offer training for your staff as part of our comprehensive data analytics solutions to help you drive decisions based on data.

Our expertise includes:

  • Programming Languages
    Java, VB .Net, Visual C++, C#, JavaScript, R, Perl, Python, MATLAB, Transact SQL, Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML
  • Data Analysis and Visualization Products
    Microsoft Excel, Processing, Tableau
  • Big data technologies
    Hadoop, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Hive
  • Statistical Modelling/Methods
    PCA, Regression, Clustering, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines
  • Advanced Analytics Modelling/Methods
    Machine Learning, Data Mining