Substation Design

Substation Design

Ready’s customized substation designs are engineered to meet our clients’ challenges in load expansion and monitoring requirements for installations from 4.16 to 500 kV.

Substations are the cornerstone of electrical system expansions.  Unless planned with forethought, changes to substations may result in down-time and significant costs.  Site-specific designs are necessary to meet the needs of the physical environment as well as the power requirements of current and future loads.  Older installations are subject to the challenges posed by aging equipment, evolving technology and new technical regulations. 

Ready Engineering works with clients to develop tailored substation designs.  From identifying and planning around client concerns to detailed engineering, construction, and on-site commissioning, Ready incorporates the latest technology and standards throughout the design process.

Ready provides a wide range of substation design solutions, from ground-up system and review planning to metering system design.  Some examples of our recent experience include:

Substation Design
  • Studies of substation and other applications up to 500 kV
  • Ground grid testing and design
  • Substation equipment specifications
  • Electrical protection specifications
  • Electrical house design and specification 
  • Smart grid automation 
Specialty Design
  • Hydro client site investigations
  • Underground substations for mining applications
  • Portable substations for underground mining
  • Shore-to-ship power engineering
  • Utility interconnections
  • Anti-Islanding protections
  • Micro grid and smart grid topologies
  • IEEE 1547

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