Ready offers training for operations and maintenance staff as part of our comprehensive engineering solutions.

In most industrial sites it is a challenge to retain and manage knowledge. Employee turnover can result in unbalanced competencies across your workforce.

Ready recognizes the challenges that new or different technologies may introduce into a work environment. Get the most out of your work force by making sure they are competent, comfortable and fully participating in the processes you have implemented at your facility.

As a client-focused consulting firm, Ready Engineering employs highly knowledgeable technical experts in a variety of fields. Exceptional communication skills developed in Ready employees help us to share expertise with clients through training sessions on a wide variety of topics. Why spend more budget to send your personnel away for generalized training? Ready’s instructors provide on-site, in-context instruction that is immediately applicable to your facility and its unique concerns.

Arc Flash Hazard AnalysisA wide range of topics associated with the analysis and mitigation of arc flash hazards is covered. Theoretical and practical aspects are considered, and a focus on safety is maintained throughout the material. Case studies and ETAP simulations are explored to provide participants with a solid understanding of arc flash concepts from base calculations to hazard mitigation strategies. On-site training by Ready offers clients the unique opportunity to ask, and if needed, show the instructor examples of their concerns.
Motor ProtectionFundamental motor protection application concepts are covered in this training. Theoretical and real-world examples of protection schemes are presented to help students understand motor protection fundamentals. The practical nature of the content helps participants identify potential improvements to motor protection systems at their facilities.
Motors and VFDsComprehensive material on motors, variable-speed drives, and protective relaying for various applications.
Canadian Electrical CodeThe Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), published by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) governs the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in Canada. Ready personnel are well-versed in the application of this standard to electrical equipment construction.
Grounding and BondingThe goal of this training is to familiarize participants with the fundamentals of grounding and bonding design for industrial environments.This course will cover an introduction to key terminology, design strategies, and theory.


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