Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Ready’s experience ranges from repowering of the largest nuclear facility in North America (and second largest in the world) to construction of the world’s first Generation III+ reactors. With nuclear power projects in Europe, North America, and Asia, Ready has proven its ability to provide resources and solutions to our customers worldwide to bring their nuclear projects to successful completion.

Nuclear experience is not common in today’s North American consulting engineering industry. Ready has experts that worked on the last round of domestic nuclear control startup projects in the 1980s and a new generation of engineers that have thousands of hours on Generation III+ projects. Ready has the expertise to support nuclear control system modernization projects, as well as control and safety system development in new nuclear power plants.

Ready’s specialty is effective management, coordination, and project execution of the control, safety, and electrical systems in nuclear power plants.  Ready is experienced in nuclear modernization projects ranging from complete nuclear control and nuclear safety system replacements with 20,000-plus field terminations to small, individual subsystems. Ready’s expertise extends to:

  • Requirements management for complex nuclear controls projects with IBM Rational DOORS software to ensure alignment of project deliverables, life cycle traceability, elimination of rework, improved team productivity, better collaboration across disciplines, and complete requirements-driven testing.
  • Independent hardware design verification and validation to ensure that components have been designed and manufactured under a 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B quality assurance program for use as commercial-grade items in nuclear control and safety systems.
  • Independent verification of commercial-grade dedication procedures to validate the acceptability of components for nuclear control and safety systems in a manner equivalent to 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B.
  • Development of nuclear simulators, control system replicas, and training on the Westinghouse WDPF Eagle, Emerson Ovation, Foxboro I/A, and Triconex control and safety systems used in the nuclear power industry.

The Award-winning Ready team has extensive exposure to the application of domestic and multinational codes, laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to nuclear power facilities.  Ready provides highly-qualified resources focused on solutions to meet our customer’s needs in nuclear controls commissioning, nuclear controls training, nuclear controls verification and validation, nuclear controls replicas, commissioning of an Ovation DCS, modernization of Westinghouse WDPF controls, independent hardware design verification or any other aspect of the control and safety systems in your nuclear power plant.

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